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Welcome to the TAS online Archeology Academy Registration form.  You must be a TAS member to attend the Archeological Academies.  If you are not a member you may select your membership level on this form while completing your Academy registration.

Please fill in the information below and when you are ready, click the "Confirm Registration" Button and you'll be directed to confirmation screen then a secure web page to enter your credit card data.

All financial transactions are handled through a secure website. Your e-mail and contact information are private and not shared outside the TAS.

Cancellations after deadline are non-refundable.
TAS will fill Cancellation Vacancies from a waiting list!

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Select the session below then enter the number of people being registered.
If you are not a TAS Member, select your membership level as well.

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If not a TAS member already, select the appropriate membership level below.

Student (grade school through college/university - coursework considered half-time or more) $40.00:

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Online Academy Registration Not Available!!


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October 31, 2015