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Scholarships and Grants

History of Grants Issued

Donors' Fund Grants, 1994

$1,177.09 - Shawn Carlson.  Petrographic analysis on mission ceramics

$1,005.00 - Chris Lintz.  Petrographic studies on sherds from Antelope Creek

$1,305.37 - Jon Russ.  Identification of organic component in prehistoric rock paint in Lower Pecos Region

$800.00 - Tom Middlebrook.  Bioarcheological analysis of human skeleton remains from Tyson Site

Donors' Fund Grants, 1995

$1,024.19 - N. Ellen Mayo.  Subsistance and transportation while conducting research at Los Almagres

$600.00 - Diane Cargill.  Stable isotope analysis of bone specimens from San Juan Capistrano (mission in Texas)

$920.00 - Solveig Turpin.  Radiocarbon dating Cueva Encantada

$443.52 - OSA/THC (Allinger).  Emergency excavations in Bexar Co. (prehistoric cemetery)

Donors' Fund Grants, 1996

$832.71 - Hester/Collins.  Mission Espiritu Santo

$1,000.00 - Darrell Creel.  Photo documentation of NAGPRA objects

$630.00 - Helen Danzeiser Dockall.  AMS radiocarbon dating skeletal material from Morhiss Site

$1,171.25 - TARL (Gail Bailey).  Process color slides from the Alex Krieger Collection for teaching purposes

$1,100.00 - Institute of Texan Cultures (Shirley Mock).  Support stratigraphic profile exhibit at ITC

Donors' Fund Grants, 1997

$1,050.00 - Marvin Rowe.  Radiocarbon dating of pictographs from Lower Pecos

$1,000.00 - Carolyn Boyd.  Support funding to continue field research and study of Rock Art in Lower Pecos

$800.00 - Harry Shafer, TAMU.  Dating prehistoric wooden bows from dry caves in Trans-Pecos

Donors' Fund Grants, 1998

$1,100.00 - Cathy Hoyt.  Radiocarbon analysis woodrat middens

$200.00 - Doug Wilkens.  Carbon date on 41RB103

$600.00 - Tim Perttula & Bo Nelson.  OCR dates from Late Caddoan Titus phase sites

$440.00 - Myles Miller.  Radiocarbon date cottonseeds Viejo Period Chihuahuan ceramics Granado Cave

$576.00 - David O. Brown.  Isotopic composition of freshwater mussels as a paleoclimatic indicater

$595.00 - Chris Ringstaff.  Radiocarbon analysis 41HY165

$305.00 - Patti Haskins & Mark Walters.  Radiocarbon date 41PN149

Donors' Fund Grants, 1999

No Grants Awarded

Donors' Fund Grants, 2000

$995.00 - Llano Uplift Archeological Society.  AMS carbon data

$1,200.00 - Grant Hall.  Analysis by Bill McClure on faunal collection 41MN23

Donors' Fund Grants, 2001

$350.00 - Mark Walters.  Oxidizable radiocarbon dates

$2,230.00 Andy Malof.  Analysis at BL116

$1,000.00 - TARL/Darrell Creel.  Chemical compositional analysis of prehistoric ceramics in Central Texas

$187.69 - Reeda Peel.  Double thermocouple

$1,215.00 - Ed Baker.  Partial funding of radiocarbon dates Smith Site 41UV132

Donors' Fund Grants, 2002

$1260.00 - Charlotte Cooper.  Radiocarbon assays for Knolle Site

gratis, Phil Dering - David Nickels.  Species identification on 20 samples from Biesenbach Site

Donors' Fund Grants, 2003

$600 - James Harrison.  Iconography of rock art in Lower Pecos

$400 - Mark Walters.  Radiocarbon dates for Caddo sites at Lake Naconiche

$400 - Andy Malof.  Special studies on materials from Bower Site


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