TAS Annual Meeting

91st Texas Archeological Society
2020 Annual Meeting

Call for Papers

90th Texas Archeological Society Annual Meeting

Houston, Texas

October 31 to November 01, 2020



 Call for Papers

Abstracts and creative ideas are sought for symposia, papers, and posters to be presented at the 90th Annual Meeting of the Texas Archeological Society (TAS) on October 11-13, 2019 in Amarillo, Texas. The TAS encourages presentations by avocational, student, and professional archeologists on any topic of anthropological interest.  Other presentation formats, such as panel discussions, demonstrations, and hands-on workshops, may be held with approval by the Program Chair and Annual Meeting organizers.  Meeting rooms will be equipped with data projectors and laptop computers; additional audiovisual needs may be accommodated given prior notice. Contact the Program Chair with questions about formats and/or equipment. We look forward to your contributions to the 90th Texas Archeological Society Annual Meeting.  Submit all abstracts to tasannualmeeting2019@gmail.com



According to current TAS policy, all presenters must be current TAS members and be registered for the meeting prior to the submission of their title and abstract. The Registrar will confirm TAS memberships.



Symposia may be organized around any topic, area, project, and/or time period. Each symposium will be allotted a minimum of two hours with five presenters. Due to scheduling concerns, symposium organizers must submit proposals for symposia by August 15, 2019. For effective presentation of symposia, organizers may specify the order of papers and the length of papers, as long as these points are stated in the symposium abstracts.  Final session packages are due by September 1, 2019.  Session organizers are responsible for ensuring that symposium participant abstracts are submitted by the September 1st deadline.


Symposium Proposals-Submission due August 15th

-Submit via email tasannualmeeting2019@gmail.com

-Session organizer(s)

-Symposium title

-Abstract (200 words maximum)

-Anticipated number of participants

-Any questions or special requests


Completed Symposium Packages - Submissions due September 1st

Symposium organizers provide via email to tasannualmeeting2019@gmail.com

-Symposium Organizer(s) and Affiliation(s)

-Symposium title

-Symposium abstract (200 words or less)

-Names of Participants

-Names of any panel discussants not giving papers if necessary


Symposium Participating Authors provide via email to tasannualmeeting2019@gmail.com

-Author(s) and Affiliation(s)


-Abstract (150 words maximum)

-Symposium title and organizer(s)


General Session Papers and Posters - Submissions due by September 1st

Papers will be allotted 15 minutes, a limit that will be strictly enforced. Because simultaneous sessions will be held, the program schedule will be adhered to so that meeting attendees can move from room to room to hear papers of interest. Poster presentations can effectively convey visual, graphic, and quantitative information, and posters reach a larger audience than oral papers. Members are encouraged to consider poster presentations as an alternative to papers. Each presenter will be responsible for putting up and taking down their posters, and should plan to be present for the majority of their assigned session.  Poster presenters must bring their own easels/stands.  The final deadline for receipt of paper and poster abstracts is September 1, 2019.


General Session Papers and Posters (indicate one) due September 1st

-Submit via email tasannualmeeting2019@gmail.com

-Author(s) and Affiliation(s)


-Abstract for each presentation (150 words maximum)

-Equipment requested for presentation (Poster presenters must bring their own easels/stands)


Projectors, Media, and Wi-Fi

Microsoft Power Point compatible projectors will be available in each breakout room. Please plan to provide your session organizer or leader with a USB compatible flash drive with a copy of your Power Point presentation for loading onto the session computer. Session computers will be PCs, so presentations created on Mac computers may need to be converted to be viewable. Testing compatibility ahead of time is highly recommended. Wi-Fi is available in the hotel, however, participants should use caution when utilizing Wi-Fi for presentations as it may be unreliable and is not guaranteed to work.


General Conference Email - tasannualmeeting2019@gmail.com

For general conference questions, information, or assistance please send an email to:  

Program Chair: Bob Wishoff   tasannualmeeting2019@gmail.com