Photo Contest Winners

Best Survey Photo

Steve Green - Tomorrow's Sector
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Best Canyon Photo

Gene Bremer - Palo Duro at First Glance
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Best Excavation Photo

Doug Boyd - Looking Into the Past
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Best Crew Photo

D.Boyd - Youth Group Always the Best
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Best Selfie Photo

Sara Hayes - Don't Worry Mom
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Best Artifact or Archeological Feature Photo

Rachel Menegaz - Point On Surface
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Best Kid's Dig Photo

Rachel Menegaz - The Spear Thrower
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Best Activity Photo / Best Overall Photo

Autumn McGaha - The Sun Hunter
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Best Sunrise, Sunset, Sky, or Night Photo

Doug Boyd - Palo Duro Sunset
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Best Miscellaneous Photo

John Hayes - Tiny Sarah
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Best Wildlife Photo

Marni Francell - Do you see what I see
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Best Camp,Comedy, or Margarita Night Photo

Jennifer McCaskill - Room With A View
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