An email survey will be sent out to all active members on Saturday, July 20th asking them to vote for their favorite photos.

All surveys must be completed by Saturday, August 3rd.

The winners will be announced following the Friday Public Forum at the TAS Annual Meeting in October.

Best Survey Photo

Steve Green - Tomorrow's Sector
Meghan Bruckse Bury - Recording Art
Charlie Sassine - Crew Leader Drew
Andy Burcham - Sit In My Shade
Rachal Roessler - HiHoHiHo
Brian Luetchford - Conquering a Mesa
Annaliese Sonntag - The Challenge
Jason Barrett - The Rear Guard
C.Sassine - Survey Crew on Station
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Best Canyon Photo

Nora Brinkley - Peek
Tim Brewster - Sweet Panorama
Chris Meis - Lone Sentinal
Sylvia Gunn - The Sentinal
Jason Barrett - Morning Walk
Trudy Williams -Simple but Beautiful
Sylvia Gunn - Spanish Skirts with...
Annaliese Sonntag - The Journey Begins
Gene Bremer - Palo Duro at First Glance
Tim Brewster - Artist Community
Rachal Roessler - The Arroyo
Jason Barrett - Colors in the Canyon
C.Campbell Canyon - Permian Red Beds
J.L. Smith - Rim Panorama
Mathew Fletcher - The Big One
C.Campbell - On the Trail to RockArt
Callan Clark - Fortress Cliff
Brian Luetchford - Amazing Clouds
Jason Barrett - Green Morning Meadow
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Best Excavation Photo

Doug Boyd - Looking Into the Past
Jason Barrett - Joe's Rib Shack
D.Boyd-Rows of Holes @ Little Sunday
Frank Kozar - Weirdness at RD3
Mathew Fletcher - Leading by Example
Charles Frederick - On the Edge
Rachal Roessler- Old Bones & iPhones
C. Campbell -4 Occupation Excavation
Charles Sassine - Teamwork
Jennifer McCaskill - Perseverance
Marni Francell - Karen's Excavation
Rolla Shaller - It's About Technique
Gene Bremer - Treasures on the Trail
Tim Brewster - 41RD79
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Best Crew Photo

D.Boyd - Youth Group Always the Best
Drew Sitters - Drew's Crew-Sector 14
Rahcel Menegaz - The East Knoll Crew
Carol Campbell - Joe Roger's Crew
Chris Meis - Hiking with a Purpose
J. McCaskill - Searching for the CCC
A.Sonntag -once more into the breach
Gene Bremer - Bison Bones
Andy Burcham - The whole story
C. Clark - Johnny Byers Survey Crew
Rolla Shaller - Prickly-pear and Sandals
Marni Francell - Little Sunday Crew
Tim Brewster - Nobody Blink
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Best Selfie Photo

Sara Hayes - Don't Worry Mom
Marni Francell - Welcome to My Office
Ashley Green - Survey is Awesome
Tim Brewster - Father and Son
Tim Brewster - Roesslers and Brewsters
Gene Bremer - Arriving at Field School
Marni Francell - Double Glasses
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Best Artifact or Archeological Feature Photo

Rachel Menegaz - Point On Surface
Carol Campbell - Rock Art
R.Roessler-Here's Looking at You Kid
Tim Brewster - Todd Chocolate Drink
Tim Brewster - Artists Community Bath
Jason Barrett - Best FCR Photo Ever!
Mathew Fletcher - Benchmark
Frank Kozar - Bison Femur
Annaliese Sonntag - Broken and Beautiful
T. Brewster - CCC Sewer Pipe
Tim Brewster - Beer Can from CCC Camp
Charles Sassine - Articulated
Charles Sassine - Diagenesis
Carol Campbell - Petrified Coral
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Best Kid's Dig Photo

Rachel Menegaz - The Spear Thrower
Rachel Menegaz - Doug Boyd
Marni Francell - Smiling into the Wind
D.Boyd - Simon's First Field School
Rolla Shaller - Comradery
Trudy Williams - I Told You I Could
N.Brinkley - Little Sunday School
J.Barrett - Tempest at Little Sunday
Marni Francell - Panhandle Weather
Marie Archambeault - All in the Family
Trudy Williams - Teaching = Passion
R. Menegaz - Marni and the Atlatl
Rachel Menegaz - Boy Scouts Visit
Marni Francell - Youth Group Digs
Doug Boyd - Digging In the Wind
N.Brinkley -Lessons at Little Sunday
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Best Activity Photo

Autumn McGaha - The Sun Hunter
Trudy Williams - Then There's Joe
Diana Hayes - Encore!
Jennifer McCaskill - Playing With Fire
Sylvia Gunn - I bet you don't have one
Carol Campbell - Jack Johnson Show
Rachal Roessler - Rabbit Sticking
Diana Hayes - The Real Lessons at FS
Rolla Shaller - What Generation Gap?
Diana Hayes - S'Mores Anyone?
Doug Boyd - Youth Group Visits PPM
Nora Brinkley - Rays at Archery
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Best Sunrise, Sunset, Sky, or Night Photo

Annaliese Sonntag - A Painted Landscape
Doug Boyd - Palo Duro Sunset
J.McCaskill - Bad Weather Developing
Diana Hayes-Thursday Morning Sunrise
Kristen Butler - Sunrise Canyon
Jennifer McCaskill - Dawn Over Palo Duro
Marni Francell - Dusky Night
Sharon Menegaz - Where's the Canyon?
Bret Williamson - Dusk
Rebecca Shelton -Mac Dick in Morning
Annaliese Sonntag - Nightfall Bend
Mathew Fletcher - The Texas Show
Sylvia Gunn - The Hills are Alive
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Best Miscellaneous Photo

John Hayes - Tiny Sarah
Bret Williamson - Dos Amigos
C.Campbell - Fear and Loathing in PD
Jason Barrett - Bloom in the Canyon
Charlie Sassine - Drew Recording
Bret Williamson - The Passage
Andy Burcham - View from above
M. Archambeault -NextYear Little One
Annaliese Sonntag - Not a Selfie
Nora Brinkley - All Cracked Up
Sylvia Gunn - Look what I found!
S.Hayes-Hey Chief, Is This Anything?
Charles Sassine - The Lone Hoodoo
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Best Wildlife Photo

Jason Barrett - The Bee Flower
Marni Francell - Do you see what I see
Chris Meis - Biting Off More Than You Ca
Frank Kozar - Feeding Wild Aoudad
Annaliese Sonntag - The Lookout
Chris Meis - Tired Toad
Andy Burcham - Too cold to rattle
Doug Boyd - A Gobbler Visits Camp
Sylvia Gunn - Come into my parlorr
Carol Campbell - American Basket Flower
Sylvia Gunn - Leslie, what kind of flowe
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Best Camp,Comedy, or Margarita Night Photo

Jennifer McCaskill - Room With A View
Tim Roberts - Fake Falling Off
Andy Burcham -Poke the Sleeping Bear
Nora Brinkley - Buckethead
Mathew Fletcher - Mansion on the Rocks
Kristen Butler - Night Light
Trudy Williams - The View From Camp
Frank Kozar - Roughing it at HAS House
Jennifer McCaskill - Shooting the Breeze
Diana Hayes - Free Solo
Jennifer McCaskill - Serving Them Up
Bret Williamson - Mixing It Up
Annaliese Sonntag - Canyon Quartet
Tim Brewster - Meals Before Showers
Trudy Williams - Now We Show Our...
Trudy Williams - Ms. Trudy, Please..
Rolla Shaller - Three Johnny's in Little
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