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Special Publication No. 6

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Special Publication No. 6 (224 pages) by Tamra Walter concerns Texas Tech University (TTU) archeological investigations at the site of Presidio San Sabá (41MN1) from 2000 until 2011. Beginning in 2003, the TAS assisted with the excavations and held the first of three summer field schools at the site, the others in 2004 and 2007. With the TAS help, large-scale excavations were made possible. Excepting the northwest corner where a 1930s reconstruction of the fort impeded investigations, excavations were done in all areas of the site, including the presidio plaza/interior, the corral area along the outer southwest corner of the fort, masonry structures along all four presidio walls, and the southeast and northwest bastions. The primary goals for the 2003-2011 field research included the investigation of extant architectural features, the identification of architectural changes over time, and the recovery of data that could potentially shed light on presidio daily life. An overview of the excavations, historical background, and archeological investigations is provided along with detailed descriptions of the material remains collected during the 2003-2011 excavations. A summary of these findings follows and the research goals are addressed in light of discoveries made during the more than 10 years of archeological enquiries at Presidio San Sabá.

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