TAS Awards

On an annual basis, the Texas Archeological Society singles out individuals and groups who are TAS members or who are involved in TAS activities and recognizes the contributions that these individuals have made to TAS and to Texas Archeology. The awards are made on the basis of nominations that are received during the summer so that the Awards Committee can reach their recommendations and present them for consideration at the September Board Meeting.

C. K. Chandler Avocational Sites Recorded Award

Given to the avocational archeologist who records the most sites during the course of a year.


The award is named in honor of C.K. Chandler, a prodigious site recorder, the award will recognize members' efforts to document our irreplaceable and often endangered archeological sites.  The recipient must be a TAS member in good standing.  Site documentation must be submitted to the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory for an official trinomial.  Documentation should minimally include a completed electronic TexSite form (an electronic program developed by the Texas Historical Commission for site data recording) and a site location plotting on a 1:24,000 USGS topographic quadrangle base map.  Don't forget to include the landowner information!


The sites recorded cannot be part of a funded project. The award will cover the period from 1 September through 31 August of the following year.

Please contact Jonathan Jarvis at jjarvis@mail.utexas.edu(link sends e-mail), trinomials@austin.utexas.edu(link sends e-mail), or (512) 471-5959 if you need assistance with TexSite, navigating the trinomial process, or site recording in general.

TAS Lifetime Achievement Award

The TAS “LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD” was presented for the first time in 2008 to Dr. DeeAnn Story to recognize her lifetime commitment to recording and furthering our understanding of Texas archaeology. The Board’s understanding is that this award would occasionally be given to a person of Story’s caliber and involvement in Texas Archeology and would not be awarded on an annual basis but could be awarded at any Annual Meeting. To date, the Board has selected both avocational and professional archeologists to receive this award.

Texas Biface Award

This stewardship award is presented to an avocational TAS member for making extraordinary contributions to the preservation of cultural resources in the state of Texas.

Fellow of the TAS

Awarded to a TAS member for major contributions to the TAS and to Texas archeology. This is our most prestigious award and no more than one Fellow award is given per year. In 2018, Rolla Shaller of the Panhandle-Plains Museum received this award in thanks for his continuous involvement in spreading the word about TAS throughout the Panhandle and involving the public in the museum’s activities.

Distinguished Service Award

Awarded to an individual or group, usually but not necessarily TAS members, for a specific major service to the TAS, to Texas archeology, or to both. In 2017, awards were presented to Carol McCauley-Jameson of Baylor University and the Tarrant County Archeological Society [now the North Texas Archeological Society] and to Mark Denton, now retired, from the Archeology Division of the Texas Historical Commission.

Golden Pen Award

Awarded to an avocational TAS member for a significant published contribution or contributions to Texas archeology. This award was presented in 2017 to “Dub” Crook, Editor of the Houston Archeological Society publications, and also to Bryan Jameson of the Tarrant County Archeological Society in recognition of his monograph titled “An Archeological Evaluation of the Fort Worth Nature Center Gravel Quarry Site (41TR113), Tarrant County, Texas”. No one was nominated for this award in 2018.

Francis Strickney Field School Award

Awarded to an individual for major contribution(s) to the annual summer field school in archeology. In 2018, Sharon Menegaz of the Houston Archeological Society received this award in thanks for her yearly contribution to the youth program where she has provided freshly baked goods for the kids and volunteers.

President's Extraordinary Service Award

Awarded by the President to recognize one or more members who provided an important service to the Society and that might not otherwise fit another award category. The award is typically presented in recognition of those who provided special assistance with new initiatives or helped to meet unique needs.

The Awards Committee is requesting that the nominator’s primary nomination letter or Nomination Submission Form present the name of the nominee and itemize why this individual is being recommended for a specific award. This can be done by listing activities in which the nominee has been involved and why these are of particular relevance to a specific award. The committee also requests that two or three letters or Nomination Submission Forms from other TAS members be included with or be sent to accompany and support the primary recommendation letter or form.

Nominations for 2020 awards sent via mail should be submitted with supporting documentation to the Awards Committee Chairperson (Alan Skinner) no later than September 1, 2020 at arc@arc-digs.com or c/o AR Consultants, Inc., 801 Business Parkway, Richardson, TX 75081.

Nomination Submission Form

Thanks for submitting!

For the Awards Committee to recommend a nomination, at least three members must complete this form in support of an individual member for the specific award. The Committee then reviews the submissions and recommends nominations to the TAS Board to vote on the award recipient.