What is your favorite TAS Field School Photo?


The TAS wants you to pick out your best photos from this year's Field School and submit them for our first annual photo contest.  The photo categories are listed below. 


Submissions are to be sent to TAS-President@txarch.org.  Deadlines and other important dates are provided below.

  • Submissions must be received by Friday, July 12th.

  • An email survey will be sent out to all active members on Saturday, July 20th asking them to vote for their favorite photos.

  • All surveys must be completed by Saturday, August 3rd.

  • The winners will be announced following the Friday Public Forum at the TAS Annual Meeting in October.

  • TAS 2020 calendars featuring the winning submissions will be available the following morning at the TAS merchandise table.

Important Dates

The Photo Categories are as Follows:

  1. Best Field School Activity Photo

  2. Best Artifact Photo

  3. Best Camp, Comedy, or Margarita Night Photo

  4. Best Canyon Photo

  5. Best Crew Photo

  6. Best Excavation Photo

  7. Best Kid’s Dig Photo

  8. Best Miscellaneous Photo

  9. Best Selfie

  10. Best Sunrise, Sunset, Sky, or Night Photo

  11. Best Survey Photo

  12. Best Wildlife Photo

All photo submissions must include the following:

1) photographer’s name

2) photo category 

3) a photo title


Winners from each category will be represented on the 2020 calendar, and the highest overall vote recipient will be featured on the cover.

*If any individual (or guardian of an individual) pictured in a photo submission objects to the photo being used for TAS promotional purposes, including publication of a calendar or use as website graphic content, please send your objection to TAS-President@txarch.org by Saturday, August 3rd, 2019.