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Support for participation in Texas Archeological Society activities is provided through outreach efforts under the Scholarship Program:  Diversity Program Scholarships, Native American Field School Scholarships, and Collegiate Scholarships.  Each is administered by a committee whose members review all applications and choose the recipients, or in the case of the Native American Scholarship committee, solicit recipients from appropriate Native American groups.  The Diversity Program committee directs efforts at reaching Hispanic, African-American, and other ethnic groups.  The Collegiate Scholarship committee focuses on collegiate recipients. 

The Scholarship Program is financed by donations and encourages participation in Field School, Annual Meeting, and the Archeology Academies.  The number of individuals who can be supported by the scholarships is largely dependent on the donations received.


Persons may apply for TAS scholarships under all three programs.  Once an individual has received any TAS scholarship, however, they must wait 10 months from the date of the scholarship award before applying for another scholarship.  This will allow TAS to provide scholarship opportunities to as many different individuals as possible.


Primary support has historically been from the state association for professional archeologists (the Council of Texas Archeologists), cultural resource management firms, and individual members of the Society.  


Need more information? Contact Scholarship@txarch.org 


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