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Texas Archeology Academy provides learning opportunities in archeology for those interested in more in-depth information on archeological goals and procedures.


On behalf of the Academy Committee and the Texas Archeological Society, we would like to inform you that we are CANCELLING the Ceramics Academy and the Archeology 101 Academy due to COVID-19 concerns. Our primary consideration is for the safety of our members and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Please contact the Academies Committee at academy@txarch.org if you have any questions about the cancellation or refunds. Registrants should have received an email with specifics regarding cancelled registrations and refunds. 

2020 TAS Geoarcheology Academy

February 15-16, 2020

The Texas Archeological Society's 2020 Geoarcheology Academy is a two-day event that explores how geological and soil formation processes affect archeological sites, and how investigators use this information to reconstruct the human and natural histories of an area. The Academy will be held at Victoria College.

Event Details

2020 TAS Ceramics Academy


The Texas Archeological Society's 2020 Ceramics Academy is a two-day event that provides a comprehensive background and understanding of prehistoric and historic ceramics from archeological sites. Expect a hands-on learning environment! The Academy will be held at Fort Concho.

Event Details

2020 TAS ARCH 101 Academy


The Texas Archeological Society's 2020 Archeology 101 Academy is a three-day event that introduces the field of archeology and provides each participant with the tools to identify, assess, and record an archeological site. The Academy will be held at San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site.

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