TAS Field School

The Texas Archeological Society is planning a safe return to our most treasured tradition.  

JUNE 12-19, 2021


Marvin Gohlke, landowner for our field school in Kerrville, extends his welcome to TAS in June 2021.  While this investigation has been delayed by a year, we are no less excited for the prospects and learning opportunities offered the archeological sites in Kerrville.

See the 2021 Information Page for important details about our campground and site.

TAS Annual Field School

Kerrville - June 2021

Each summer, the Texas Archeological Society (TAS) sponsors a week-long archeological field school.  The program provides training in archeological techniques to Society members and  contributes important new data to the state's archeological and historical heritage. Activities and learning opportunities are offered for all ages, including excavation techniques, survey methods, and special training for newcomers and teachers.  

The TAS field school spans seven days and is led by professional archeologists and trained avocationals. Participants may register for a minimum of three days or for the full week and choose excavation, survey, or the laboratory.  Volunteers may also participate in the afternoon and evening workshops, educational programs, and social activities that are spread throughout the week.  Several Field School Scholarships are also available.

Please visit the 2021 Information page for details about this year's field school in Kerrville, Texas and register online below.